CUSTOMIZABLE - Academy Olympic Style Back Patch

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Whether it's to represent a School, Team, Group of Friends, or a Movement/Cause, this patch layout is a perfect way to get your message across!

Use this basic Olympic Style Patch layout and customize:

- Background Color
- Top Box Color
- Top Box Text
- Center Colors & Text 
- Bottom Text
- Bottom Text (Small Print)
- Bottom Box Color
- Bottom Box Icon (Must Be a SIMPLE Icon)
- Size 11" x 11" - OR - 12" x 12"

Our Graphic Designers will work with you on making creating your perfect team patch!

All our patches are DYE SUBLIMATED on durable DIAMOND FABRIC with backing.
They will not crack, fade, or peel like traditional silk screen patches.

- Once 3 letters have been chosen (excluding country abbreviations), we will reserve those letters to you, and you only.

Turn around time after final artwork has been approved is 1-2 weeks.

- Additional Orders After 1st Print -
When ordering your second batch of patches, so long as the artwork stays the same, you will receive a special code that grants you a discount of $1 off each patch.


// Side note: The patches in the pictures shown are from a company [Deep Half Brand] that was created by Grounders Soap Co. // :)